November 25,2014
The sun is up

The sun is up . There is a peasant at the end of the field , everything is bursting into life , sparkling in the full light , which as yet is still soft and golden . The background simple in the line and harmonious in color , melts into the infinite expanse of sky , through the bluish , misty atmosphere . The flowers raise their heads the birds flutter hither and  thiter ...... The little rounded willows on the bank of stream look like birds spreading their tails ...... It' s adorable in one paints and paints and paints ..... 

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November 24,2014
Wonderful day

You know , a landscape artist's day is delightful . You get up early at four o'clock in the morning before sunrise , have a cup of tea go and sit down outside

, you watch and wait . At first nothing much to see but you have your own time to think about your life and here something come up , nature look like a whitish canvas with a few broad outline faintly sketched in , all in misty , everything quivers in the cool dawn breeze . The sky light up . The sun has not yet burst though the gauze that hide the meadow , the little valley , the hill on the horizon ..... 

Ah , the first ray of sunshine . The whole landscape lies behind the transparent gauze of the fog that now rises , drawn upwards the sun and as it rises reveals the silver . Spangled river , the field , the cottage , the further of scene . At last one can discern all that could only guess at before . The sun is up . Let try get up early and you can see how nature is so wonderful . Love you all . Anhthuy .

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November 08,2014
The water tank is cracked burden

In my country , in the pass , users have two large wooden crate for carry water . Over long long time , one of them crack , so when carry water from the well , only about half . The barrel intact so proud of his perfection , but the Cracker are guilty for not completing the tasks . One day , the craker told the master " I am so ashamed of myself and I want to apologize to you " . " you ashamed of what ? " the master ask . " just because of my fault , you do not get what you deserve full water with your effort " . " oh no , on the way back you must pay attention to the road side of flowers beds . " the master relied calmly . Indeed , along the roadside flower bed are brilliant . The master told the crack wooden pot " you did not notice that the flower grows only on the side of the street ? , I learned of your crack so I took advantage of it . I planed flower seed along the roadside and over a year you are the one to water them . We picked the flower to decorate our house so without you , we would not have a house cozy and charming like that . Everything has two sides of good and bad . Life is perfect when we know how to use the good side of bad thing . I hope you love this story . Thank you for visit my place more and more everyday . Love you all . Anhthuy .

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November 03,2014
The older

The older the more I see the magic of each spring . The older the more I discover thing that I did not see before . The older the more I see the spring there is not much left any more . The older the more am happy to enjoy every precious moments of my life is over . The older the more I see the spring are giving me the ecstasy and joy . The older the more I like care of my plants and flowers .... And I like to talk to them too much . The older the more I love to heard the birds singing , each bird is a melody . The older the more I love to see more spring back . The older the more I find myself not think like when I was young . The older the more I want to thanks for giving me life to see another spring back . Thank you all of you for came back to visit my place more and more each day . Be happy and love what we have . Good night everyone . Writing with love from anhthuy .

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