July 28,2014
Life and painting

Life would everyone go through different emotion , more or less . Whether long or longer , also many sometimes sad , bare face of it , differcul to understand sometime . These painting too , well bring nuances , meaning conveyed through various brush stroke go , markings , strong or gentle , romantic or dry , all depends on experience or contact the artist's intention . Then the painting has also completed whether intentionally or not satisfied . There is also unfinished painting . There are two cases occurred : unfinished painting that will be hunted as a treasure if it is from a famous artisht , or will be a piece of paper in trash can admit no more than if from the guys wandering artist unknow . There is an artist want to turn black and white into color painting , want to move a smooth , glossy painting into a rough , rough .... They all can , can fixed the mistakes of the pass , can go on his own path , can delight in using the color bars , familiar tools to render other painting perspective has change emotion , all of which can .... If ..... If the time allowed .... Obviously , life ... Like painting is a comparison grounded and plausible . The only other thing , can tear draft painting but life still is not . Let' s honor and be happy love what we have in our hand . Another beautiful day everyone . Love you all . Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 03:50
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