September 29,2014
For meaning of life

Many people fall into the scene not knowing what I really want in this life . We tent to do what their parents and other think is right and not usually question what is really meaningful to yourself ?????..... That is why many people suffering and unhappy with their lives . Find out what you want in life is a difficult task and this is not a overnight fix can be achieved , it requires a lot of time together with maximum effort . My experience for my life is a few thing we need to consider ourselves ... Let go of the past : before you start exploring what you want in this life , so learn to forget the past and have no regret . You want to live a happy life , but the past can be barrier that is difficult to Cary you to the front . Nothing really differcul if you try because you can not change the mistake of the past . So should focus on the present and future , you will make more motivation to move on to capture the good thing in life . Second thing : find out what is really need : Although very differcul , but finding what you need in this life is essential to happiness . First , question what is most important to you : love family or financial ???... Once you answer these question , you will know what you need to do to have satisfaction . Oh oh , I need to go ... Will continue later with you next time . Love you all . Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 09:32
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