November 08,2014
The water tank is cracked burden

In my country , in the pass , users have two large wooden crate for carry water . Over long long time , one of them crack , so when carry water from the well , only about half . The barrel intact so proud of his perfection , but the Cracker are guilty for not completing the tasks . One day , the craker told the master " I am so ashamed of myself and I want to apologize to you " . " you ashamed of what ? " the master ask . " just because of my fault , you do not get what you deserve full water with your effort " . " oh no , on the way back you must pay attention to the road side of flowers beds . " the master relied calmly . Indeed , along the roadside flower bed are brilliant . The master told the crack wooden pot " you did not notice that the flower grows only on the side of the street ? , I learned of your crack so I took advantage of it . I planed flower seed along the roadside and over a year you are the one to water them . We picked the flower to decorate our house so without you , we would not have a house cozy and charming like that . Everything has two sides of good and bad . Life is perfect when we know how to use the good side of bad thing . I hope you love this story . Thank you for visit my place more and more everyday . Love you all . Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 03:36
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