December 04,2014
Swimology part # 2

Meteorology ? What is that sir ? I have ever never heard about that . " why , the science of the wind , the rain , the weather . " " no sir , as I told you , I have never been to any school . I have never studied anything . " you have not studied the science of the earth on which you live you have not studied the science of the sea on which you earn your livelihood ; you have not studed the science of the weather which you encounter everyday ? Old man , you have wasted three quarters of your life . " the old sailor was very unhappy : if this learned man says so then certainly I must have wasted three quarters of my life " . The next day it was the turn of the old sailor . He came running to the cabin of the young professor and cried , " professor sir , have you studied Swimology ? " " Swimology ? What do you mean ? . Can you swim sir ? " no , I don't know how to swim " . Professor you have wasted all your life ! The ship has struck a rock and is sinking . Those who know how  to swim may reach the nearby shore, but who cannot swim will drown . I am so sorry , professor sir , you have surely lost your life . You may studied all " ologies " of the world , but if you do not learn Swimology , all your studied are useless . You may read and write books on swimming , you may debate on its subtle theoretic aspects , but how will that help you if you refuse to enter the water yourself ? You must learn how to swim . hope you like this story . Thank you for all your emails to encourage me to share more story everyday about our life , if I can bring happiness to you then that is all my happiness . Love you all . Anhthuy .

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