December 11,2014
Stories tree. # 2

year later , the boy came back . " sorry my son , but I have nothing for you anymore . No more apples " . The boy said : I don't have teeth that eat anymore . " no more branches for you to climb " . I am too old now . " I really can not help you anymore , the only left is the root of my dying , the tree said with tears . I do not need much , just the place to rest , I was so tired after all these years ...... With the happy voice the tree said : " oh , my old tree root is a good place for you to sit and relax . Come with me " . The boy sat down and the tree was glad to tears .

This is the stories for all of us . The tree is the picture of our parents . When we was young , we love to play with our parents . Growing up , we left them and returned only when we need Help , whenever parents aways willing to support us to be happy . I really love this stories since I was young and still now . Love you all . Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 06:47
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