December 18,2014
My autumn

As one of the four season of the year , between the hot summer and the cold winter , fall like a bridge , a great interference that nature has reated contribute to odorn all faceted life . Fall the world brought me comfort . Lofty sky , clouds floating into each layer , the first ray , rare  way through the clouds , canopy ... autumn has a unique beauty that does not get the whole season : just sad vague , romamtic nothingness , just bare reality . fall come and leave in the heart of many emotion sad , bitterness . Fall is a season is full of emotion of joy and hope . I saw a little chilly autumn wind , a little warmth from the sun rays gentle sweetness is felt on my pathway  was slick of standing water mark from the rain last night . It look like long rain had washed , swept aways the dust of old day . Everything fresh , slow page of life , the man got serene , softer , in the heart sunddenly forget the hundred of links .... My friend told me Autumn just look like a beautiful landscape painting but i found it more beautiful than the competition . because only in real life , i feel all seem to be collected in all its sennes. I saw the eyes of suble color variation from blue to light green , yellow and orange gradually the fall colors of red . My nose smell the fragrance of the woody stems and leaves decay wet section of last autumn leaves . My tougue tast sweet and fresh atmossphere of autumn . My ears heard the sound of the wind blowing though . yellow leaves on the tree will pour down like rain barrier ... My skin felt the carress of the wind revenues falling from the sky filled with white clounds . My page now is full so will see you next time . love from Anhthuy

Posted by Anh Thuy at 08:42
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