January 04,2015
Strength elephant story

A man passing by the elephants standing room . Suddenly he stop , surprised to see the huge elephant in captivity only by a very small rope tie behind the front leg . there are no chain , no cages also detained .

It can be seen clearly , obviously , the elephans can afford to finish the rope , they can run alway at anytime . But somehow the elephants have not yet to do so ... The man saw the manager standing nearby , he asked why the elephants did not seem to want to flee . " OH ' replied the man ' when they was young , they are very much smaller than this , we still use that kind of rope size to tie them up . At that age , such a line is enough to keep them then ... But when they got bigger , we still can not believed how well the rope end to this . They think that the old tiny rope can still hold them , so they have never thought to get rid of wires and run alway . the man was astonished . the beast that is caple of running etirely escape rope binding them , but only because they could not belive that they can so they just simple accepted as it pratical .

Like the elephants , there are so many of us , has to go though life with that in mind , we can not do something just simply because we are failed once .

Failure is just part of process , is will make us more stronger to continue our path way with more success . get up and try try again will be more good thing waiting for us at the end . if this door closed keep  in mind alway onother door open and maybe that door will be better than the previous door  . love you all from Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 02:30
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