January 25,2015
Keep a journal for a year

Time goes by so fast that we often forget to stop and realize what we've accomplished or taken part in during the year. 

Start today , keep a journal and write in it everyday for a year , you will be amazed at what you did , how you felt , and what you got through . This is a great way to reflect on the past but also make plan for future . You will learn from your mistakes as well as remember the great times you had . In ten years , you can pull out that journal and have a laugh . You will likely find that what you though was important or wasn't , and you will see how much you've changed . 

I'm now still have my writing from 1979 when I just came to Canada at a little girl and I still have a funny note   when I first met my husband .... All coming back with love . Life so wonderful that I found , believe me start writing your journal today and you will see what I see about our life . 

Love you all from Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 02:08
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