January 31,2015
True peace

A king reward for any artist to paint the best picture of peace . Many artist have tried to work . The king was watching all the painting but only 2 painting that he like but he need to pick just one . 

The painting with quiet lake . Mirror lake is beautiful because of the towering mountains surrounding . Above is a blue sky with white clouds smooth . All those who watching the painting ... That is the painting with perfect peace .

other. painting also have mountains , but the mountains bare and rocky , in the sky above the anger pouring rain accompanied by thunder and lighting . Down the cliff is a cascade of white foam . This painting did not look peaceful at all .... 

But when the king watched , he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing up since the crack of rock . There , between the waterfall , calm mother bird perched on her nest .... Peace true . 

" I choose this painting . The king announced . The peace does not mean there is not a noise , not hard , not hard work . Peace means righteous when we are in the storm we still feel the tranquility in the heart . That is the real meaning of peace " .

Have a lovely day everyone , I hope that you love my story as much as I do . 

Love you all from anhthuy . 

Posted by Anh Thuy at 10:23
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