March 20,2015
Melody of love

painting usually my escape from the busy world  .  For me painting isn't to be the best , it is the process of enjoying what you learn and what you love . I realize the simplest things in life make me happiest when I get better in painting .... Just let my heart go naturally go naturally just like I'm singing , I put myself to that song and I'm really be myself at that moment . I'm completely forget all anything around , just simple me and my big lovely tree . 

I know myself  well enough that there will be times when I'm uninspired and don't feel like painting . When that happen , I don't fight it . I allow myself to take break and know that inspiration will come again . I will keep myself busy like cooking , sewing , gardening if sunshine ,  organize my painting my home studio , prepare my wooden canvas , ironing my husband and my children clothes and  the most I like that signing if is raining . Oh life so wonderful if we know how to schedule our time and the most importance thing that we know what to do and who we may talk to .  

Thank you so much for encougrate me for inspiring me , teaching me new thing everyday . Learning more thing everyday give me more stronger  , more stronger to face with all reality and feel good to say that is my way . 

Love you all from Anhthuy .


Posted by Anh Thuy at 07:19
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