March 27,2015
Treat yourself

we all enjoy doing nice things for others . Whether its saving the last cookie for our husband or bringing a latte to the coworker when we know that she is having a tough day . It feels good to help those we care about . 

But what about us ???.... In between the bustle of day to day life and the time we spend taking care of other , do we over look of ourselves ???.... If we have think about that , then I sure the answer is YES . 

Now is the time to give ourselves some of  good thing that we  give to the other . Treating  ourselves that we doing something for us  without the guilt trip . Why not open the bottle of wine , a glass of cocktail for whatever special occasion  we think of  . Who says we  can not watch the sunrise and sunset in one day ???.... Who will stop us if we want to take a cooking class we are always thought about ???... 

We only get one life , so we might as well make the most of it . What we are waiting for ?

It is time to treat ourselves . We are together start today .  Let me know how you start to treat yourself , i love to read all of your mail every early morning and just remember only you and me at that time . 

Have a wonderful day everyone . Love you all from Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 08:58
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