April 09,2015
The bowl of soup

one day the girl and her mother  quarreling  then the girl ran away from home .  She keep running very very far away from home . At this time , she felt hungry . Being lucky she seeing a noodle shop in front of her but when she touched her bag , she does not have any penny . The noodle shop owner who is intelligent , sophisticated , seeing her standing there and ask : do you want a bowl of noodle soup ? The girl relied shyly : but I do not have any money . Oh no , don't worry about that , I can invite you to eat just like my children . The girl coming and eat her food , she was greatfull and tears was flowing falling down to her bowl . The owner ask : what happen to you child ? She said , wiping away tears : I ok , I just. Appreciat it , you and me do not knw each other but you treated me very well , but my mother not loving me , she chased me out of the house , she also told me not to come back again . The owner listened then calmly said : why do you think so ?  You should come back and give it a try , I'm just cook for you one meal which you so appreciate it but your mother being cook for you for her whole life , you should thanks her and do not quarrel  with your mother . 

Hearing that the girl suddenly awake , she ate a bowl of noodle in a hurry , then immediately  ran back home .  When she got home she saw her mother standing at the door waiting . Just saw her the mother was delighted : are you hurry , mom cooked the food that you love the most today . 

Sometime just getting a little gift from the others we feel very greatfull and thankful but we totally forget what we alway have in hand . 

Love you all from anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 05:26
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