June 13,2015
Write a thank you letter to our parents

let take a moment today to write a quick note of thanks to our parents . It could be a letter explaining your love and gratitude for all their support over the years or a simple thank you for a dinner they put on the table . It doesn't matter what age you are , it is important to thank them for their unconditional love . Try not to send this note on their birthday, anniversary or holiday, but on a random day where it will take them by surprise . This note will fill their hearts and remind them of what a good job they did raising us . Include a recent photo of yourself to personalize it . 

Make other happy will bring our happiness so let do it and do it more offen to everyone around you .  Don't wait because time never coming back and we may regrets why we not start earlier with our love one . 

Have a great day everyone. Enjoy our sunshine today ....

with love from Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 11:09
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