June 26,2015
Learning to dance in the rain

life is not about waiting for the storm pass , it's about learning to dance in the rain . You can not calm the storm so stop trying . What you could do is calm yourself and the storm will pass you can not stop the waves but you can learn how to surf .

i don't know what is the key to successful but I know truly is the key to unsuccessfully is always try to make people please . You can not change how people feel about you , so you don't try , just live your life and be happy so finally I should promise myself from now on I will enjoy every minutes of the day that  Given me to live . So be happy don't worry .... 

Take a cup of tea , be calm and keep going with your life .You are alone is enough.  You have nothing to prove yourself to anybody . 

It is so sunny outside my door , I really miss my Sunshine Coast home ... Over a month I have no time to be there , too busy with all thing in town ... Oh well I think I should stop doing thing that over my hand and stop trying to do thing that you can not contro by yourself . I should just enjoy my day and be happy with what I got in hand .... 

Love you all from Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 07:15
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