November 24,2015
Doing well in life even though you dont think so

Let's face it , sometime life feels it's falling apart at the seams . Perhaps you've lost your job or your marriage just ended , or you failed to pass an exam and now you are simply feeling helpless and defeated . Wintston Churchill once said : success consits of going from failure without loosing enthusiasm .

Today i want to remind you why , even though you may be felling a bit like a failure , you are most  definitely not .

You're lived and learned :  No one said life was easy and while the bumps on the road may hurt , the ride is definetely worth it . think back to your failures and defeats . you must know they were all for a reason and part of a grander plan . Each difficulty has led you to where you are at today , each trial has molded you into magnificent , resilient , person that you are . Continue to move forward in faith , hope and love , knowing each experrience has taught you what you need to become who you was born to be .

You have a comfy bed to sleep in :   A young Haitian mother told her story . She had little one that constantly wondered when they would be able to eat and go to school like all the other kids around them . What impacted me the most about this story was their sleeping arrangement : they all laid on the dirt floor ,   and at night if is rained everyone have to get up , grab whatever was left of their "bed" and move to a dry spot . This story gave me a whole new appreciation for my bed and i hope it does the same with you .

You strive to be better :  The fact you are feeling a bit down because you haven't achieved what you want to achieve shows you are trying . In the grand scheme of things , you always strive to be better and for a long as you continue to do that , happiness , success and love will come .... just don't give up . Einstein once said  : " its not that i am so smart , it's that i stay with problems longer " .  Hang in there and never stop striving to be all you can be .

Knowledge is at your fingertips :  In this day and age , you can learn anything you want . Knowledge is truly at your fingertips . since knowledge is power , seize that power and let it assist you in the pursuit of your dreams . Take advange of all the learning  opportunities that come your way .

You have food to eat :  Sometimes a bit more than you should . food is such an overlooked blessing , yet if you miss it for a few hours you start feeling the necessity of it . Take the time to enjoy your next meal , whatever that is , savor each bite and remind yourself that happiness is found in enjoying the simple things of life , such as eating a piece of pie .

You have a dream :  Whatever your dreams is , it's your . you have the ability to embrace it and create it . Don't give up on dreaming or on your dreams . they are what life's best things are made up of .

Your happiness is real :  you have the power to choose happiness for your life in everything you do and in circumstance . your happiness is defined by whether or not you are able to discern and seize an opportunity to feel happy . It may be something as simple as enjoying the laughter of a child .

You ahve clothes to wear :  Sometime to many options , which trumps your productivity , but that is another subjects . The bottom line is , you don't have to go naked through the streets or poorly dressed . you enjoy the blessing of being properly dressed for every occasion and have a ability to shiel your body from the elements . Really , life would get very cold without clothes .

You have the ability to forgive :  Can you imagine what this world would look like without forgiveness ? Never mind about the world , just your life .  imagine how bogged down , bitter and unhappy you would be if you did not have the ability to forgive other's mistake as well as your own . It would make it nearly impossible to live and most difinitely a nightmare to move on with life when difficuties arose . You have the unique gift of forgiving and moving on .

I need to go for swiming now , will see you again sometime . enjoy your day everyone , love you all from Anhthuy .



Posted by Anh Thuy at 08:05
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