March 11,2015
Time fly never go back

February has come and gone so quickly  . Time run by so fast . Could not believe that I really been in  Burnaby  Canada more than I'm spent my life time in my country . This is home , this is my sweet home , it is just like a dream to me , the dream the pathway that I aways dream when I just left my mom , left my homeland with no idea where I will be end up to , nothing in my head at that time  ... I just followed what my mom said , I should leaved all good things good memories with my family , all wonderful memories with all of my friends behind and start my own new life by myself when I'm very very young . 

At that time been in the forest and all those tree was my best friend , those friends that I can talk to and to share all my emotion everyday and still now those tree will be my lover and I will be stay this way untill end of my life with no concern . 

If my time has come I shall have nothing to complain of . All thing that I done over a years  . Years went by and at last I has more time to be creative  , the thing that I love when I was young , I has a change to play with the colors and do what I want to do for my whole life  . So I have been able to devote myself entirely in to what I love best in the world . I had good parents good husband and a wonderful children that I dream of and a excellent friends , I can only thanks God to give me a perfect life . 

Love you all from Anhthuy . 



Posted by Anh Thuy at 08:44
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