Anh Thuy

Anh Thuy Artist

The beauty and diversity of the Mekong delta region of Vietnam was my homeland before I fled as a refugee during the civil war .

I did not have any formal artistic education during my youth but had aways been inspired by diverse natural beauty surrounding me .I marvelle at how perspectives changed with event small alterations to the light or. humanity or angel .

My journey had covered great distances before I settled in Vancouver British Columbia. I was given a new start with my husband and children. 
I had opportunity to pursue my passion for art and found additional inspiration in my new homeland. Canada is open and vast and geographic diversity is only matched by the social and cultural diversity. My painting often include pathways or garden distinguished by vibrant color. I sometimes dream of beginning my journey on that pathway leading me from Vietnam to new beginning in Canada . My friends and family have surrounded me with love and inspiration and I hope to express that true in my art .I truly missed my homeland in the early days and knew that the land and people would be forever changed .